Jan 8 2014

You color everything in black


I’m all alone on a long walk,
I’m back in time, a thousand steps, when we could talk
“There are a million colors in the world, you see?”
A glimpse of time, you smiled at me!

The paper where we wrote the line
Was WHITE, you promise at that time!
Since you are not and nothing’s back
It’s full of dust and all is black.

GREEN was the color of our dreams, we kept them in the light
All fresh and full of life, they were so bright!
But now they are so buried underground
And yes, all there is black around!

You show me BLUE, up in the sky
You also steal some blue in to your eyes,
Since all is fog, is cloudy, freeze and dark
Guess what? Now all is black.

I’ve seen some RED on to your lips,
It was a color I could kiss
Now? My scars are red and is some red blood in my heart,
But down there, deep inside, is black!

The PURPLE was the color of my soul,
I left it in your arms, you had it all.
And now is broken, it is crushed, if I look back…
Yes, you are right, it is my guilt that it’s so black!

You teach me good with all these colors, you can see
I know them all, I have a rainbow, and all belongs to me!
It’s full of light, it’s full of colors, you are right!
Than teach me more: Why everything is BLACK?

Mar 6 2009



I am alone and you are far
Tonight I’m gonna choose a star
Who will reveal me what you do
That I am so in love with you.

Never have I been too far,
be careful with a liar star,
worry not
I’m close to heart

I have no hunger and no thirst
I’m not the last, I’m not the first
I trust in love, I trust in you!
The things you say, the things you do.

Too soon to give me all your trust
peace with yourself to do you must,
it’s been too hard for us the past..
could have it all but not so fast

Mar 4 2009

Searching for light


In the deep of the night
After the storm on the sea
I am searching the light
My lighthouse you’ll be!

Mar 3 2009

Winter mist


It was mist in my mind
I was blind, could not see
I was looking for hope
It is what you can’t be!